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How do they work?

CALRE Working Group Against Depopulation and Ageing announces the Awards Against Depopulation and Ageing.

The main objective of these awards is to promote knowledge, both regionally and locally, of the initiatives designed or carried out by agents working against depopulation in the regional territorier. The aim is to extend the knowledge of practical solutions adapted to the specific needs of each region and to make known, in the widest possible way, those innovative and sustainable projects that aspire to improve the quality of life of people. It is also about contributing to the implementation of ideas and projects that need support and recognition for their effective realization.

In addition to the financial endowment that they entail, the awarded projects will be disseminated as widely as possible, from this web page and the social networks of the Working Group.


In the following link you can download the complete bases of the Awards:

Download complete rules (English)


  1. Award to the best initiatives or projects that have not yet been put into operation.
  2. Award to the best initiatives or projects that are already in operation or have been fully developed.

Who can participate?

Initiatives promoted by persons or entities within one of the following three groups may be presented to the Awards:

  • Public entities or institutions; understood as comprised in this group are the entities included in the definition of “Public Law Body” established in article Two.1.4) of Directive 2014/24 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of February 26, 2014, on hiring public.
  • Private companies, both those of a corporate or collective nature with legal personality and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations.

The promoters of the initiatives submitted to the Awards must be domiciled in any Member State of the European Union. Each promoter entity may submit to the Awards a maximum of two initiatives in each modality of the established ones (innovative ideas and projects put in place.

Video format

Each initiative that attends the Awards must be presented and described through a video made in digital format. This video may be made by any digital device suitable for this purpose, such as digital video cameras, mobile phones, tablets…

  • The video should constitute an animated sequence of images recorded by the device. Therefore, simple assemblies of photographs or static images will not be accepted.
  • The duration of the video may not be less than sixty (60) seconds, nor more than three hundred (300) seconds.
  • Applicants must necessarily host the video on any of the following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook; Likewise, in order to participate in this call, it is necessary to provide the organization with the link to said video through the form provided for that purpose on the web page of the CALRE Working Group on Depopulation and Aging.

You can voluntarily complete the presentation and explanation of those aspects of the initiative that require more detail, by means of an explanatory document that contains text and / or images, which must be presented in PDF format and that can not exceed an extension of ten thousand (10,000) characters, excluding spaces.


Both the video and the complementary information may be presented in any official language of the European Union.

In case the chosen language is not Spanish or English, the video will have to be subtitled in the English language and the complementary information will have a summary in English language.

Term limits

The deadline to register the entity and the presentation of the video will be 23 hours and 59 minutes on December 16th, 2018.

The digital forms and procedures for the registration of the entities and the presentation of the videos will be available from June 29, 2018.


  • The Jury will be composed of: the coordinator of the CALRE Working Group on Depopulation and Aging or person to whom it delegates, two representatives of research and teaching entities, a representative of the Committee of the Regions and a representative of the European Commission.
  • The specific composition of the Jury will be announced through this web page.
  • The selection criteria of the Jury to choose the best initiatives among those presented will be innovation, sustainability and effectiveness of the measure, obtaining real results, as well as the transferability of the idea or project to other territories.


  • A maximum of six (6) prizes will be awarded, one for each type and type of person or entity.
  • The Jury will reserve the right not to grant any of the prizes or not to grant any of them.
  • Each of the prizes will be endowed with an economic amount of one thousand euros (€ 1,000).
  • In addition to the financial allowance, the prizewinners will receive a plaque or commemorative element with the prize awarded and a diploma or certificate that will specify the values and merits that led the jury to award the prize.
  • The awards will be delivered in a public and solemn ceremony, whose date will be announced conveniently on this website and through the social networks of the Working Group.